directors profile
Mr. Ranjeet Patil is a highly qualified and experienced person who has traveled extensively to major producing and buying centers of the world. He has a strong background in Horticulture and Post Harvest handling of perishables.

His Educational Qualifications :
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (B.E.) University of Pune, Pune.
Graduation 1989 Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) Georgia State University.,
Graduation 1992 – Concentration : International Business

International Exposure :
Visited UK, Canada, Germany, France and other major countries in Europe. Traveled to USA,Hong Kong and Singapore. Visited Trade Fairs and Exhibitions both in India & abroad.Visiting faculty in well known Management Institutes.



“Over the years we have grown by providing consistent value in our offerings . Today, we have innovated our services to match and to exceed the expectations of our customers.


Our customers value us as their preferred partner. We in turn have reciprocated to such gestures by being transparent, fair and honest in all our dealings. We compete with our selves in improving levels of service and the value our customer expects us to deliver.


Our close working relationships give us the opportunity to sense future trends, opportunities and threats and we have been quick to react. We have taken risks and built up infrastructure in what we believe would be our customers requirement tomorrow. This has helped us service our customers requirements at speeds the competition cannot match.


Improved service at lower costs is what we stand for. ”

Ranjeet : 09372103756


Ms Nina Patil is a multi-talented and multi-faceted personality, She takes keen interest in farming and lives by the belief quality of a product is shaped by its growing practices. Nina ensures certifications like GLOBALGAP and BSCI are implemented in spirit and action on an ongoing basis, every step of the way .


Her Educational Qualifications :


Bachelor of Psychology, University of Pune, India.

Graduation 1992


Master of Social Work (M.S.W.) Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India

Graduation 1994


Best Business Plan Awarded as part of 10,000 Women, Management Education Initiative by Goldman Sachs,Pune 2013.


Visiting faculty in well known Management Institutes.

Nina : 09325355512



Why Fresh Express ?


“ We, as Grower Exporters,work with our team of farmers throughout the crop cycle,to help achieve greater benefits through responsible farming. We actively promote sustainable agriculture practices such as rain water harvesting,use of bio-pesticides and organic manures of plant origin and encourage soil amendments of organic origin. Fresh Express promises and delivers quality as we take care of the entire chain from farm to fork.”


directors profile



     Anand Pathak-COO                        Sunil Godbole-General Manager     



Sanjay Pawar- Accounts                              R.P ShindeOperations



                      Rohan Patil-Overseas Marketing