Fresh Express Natural Farming Project

  • As a part of Crop Management System, organizing farmer training on growing,
    pruning and harvesting techniques which increase raw material quality,
    productivity and taste in a sustainable manner.
  • Guiding, providing and control on the inputs to be used in accordance
    with the treatment schedule so as to comply with European MRL
  • Consulting for farmers by Company Agronomists throughout the year


  • In Natural Farming plants thrive in their natural eco system with the help of locally
    grown resources and minimal use of chemical fertilizers. Natural methods are used to
    retain and improve soil health, control pests, and increase yields. Where applicable,
    we are able to produce our own seed, and natural fertilizers are created



  • Mulching promotes humus formation, suppresses weeds and greatly reduces the water equirement of crops, especially beneficial for a drought prone area like Umrani, where Fresh Express farms are located.
  • Mixed cropping particularly with short duration legumes, vegetables and even medicinal plants has helped expand our associate farmers’ income sources. Savings on the cost of seeds, fertilizers and plant protection chemicals has been substantial. All lady workers on our farm have actively adopted these methods and used them to till their kitchen gardens and small plots of lands.


  • Company agronomists do research to choose the right district, collect data on
    field history, machinery, equipment and learn existing methods of agriculture and
    harvest techniques.
  • Our agriculture team is involved in taking samples from leaves, soil and fruit , in
    order to complete Residue Analysis Requirements . The sampling test is done by
    Certifying Bodies and analysis must be completed at accredited external


  • Implementing comprehensive “HACCP – Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points”, covering
    all steps beginning from field till analysis at the laboratory for prevention of pesticide
    contamination risks.
  • We’re focused on practices that eliminate evaporation, promote water reclamation
    and help conserve our natural resources as much as possible. All our vine yards use
    micro drip irrigation, which ensures zero