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Our Quality Control programme ensures we stay abreast in the International market.  It is a rigorous step by step process which is monitored from the field level when it is grown till the end product is relished by the customer.


Farmers are assisted with informed choices on various Growing Practices.  Farmers are encouraged towards ‘Quality’ versus ‘Quantity’, and accordingly  rewarded.  Regular work – shops as well as field trips are undertaken to keep farmers up to date on International MRL levels and pest management practices.  


Farm plots are accordingly identified and are harvested at full maturity with minimum sugars at 16 degrees brix.


Harvesting is done during the early morning hours and pre-cooled to 00C to increase their storage life.  Other quality specifications like berry size, bunch weight , freshness of stems and uniform appearance are strictly adhered to suit the market requirements.


The company’s operations are based in a “state of the art” cold storage facility, which is HACCP approved, located in the heart of the Grape growing area in Western Maharashtra, India.

The Refrigerated Logistics arm manages all the logistical support system to ensure optimum temperatures are maintained right from the time the product is harvested till it is packed into cooled containers for export.


Self – checks are implemented at all crucial points of production.  Samples of each and every lot are tested for pesticide residue MRLs from reputed International certifying agencies.



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Every box can be traced with the help of a 8 digit code which can be traced to it’s –


box labels                            Picture4

                 Code on Box                                                           Code on Punnet



  • Date & Month
  • Farmer Code
  • Farmer Plot Code

With the world market in view all aspects of phytosanitary and pesticide residue are addressed to ensure compliance with total traceability throughout the value chain.  The company is implementing ISO and HACCP procedures and has a comprehensive quality programme in place to ensure that our customers get the very best.

BRC Global Standard,Fair Trade,GLOBALGAP,BSCI and SEDEX Certifications further boosts our customers’ confidence in us.

     Association with Fair Trade Certified Agro Producer CompanyFE-BRC-Certificate-25 copy

                                       BRC Global Standard and Food Safety



                                                       GLOBAL G.A.P

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We believe in constantly updating ourselves to be a step ahead of competition.