Partners in Progress


Fresh Express believes in growing as ‘partners in progress ’, right from the field level to the end customer. 



We place a very strong emphasis on developing long – term working alliances with key Growers who can consistently produce quality and volumes.  We work with our growers throughout the crop cycle and help them achieve greater benefits from their farms through responsible farming. Besides promoting Good Agricultural Practices such as GLOBALGAP, we help them procure fertilisers on a wholesale basis and encourage Organic Farming.  We organise work – shops in association with National Research Centre of Grapes, Pune, INDIA which would help them keep step with the latest innovations in their respective fields.  Growers are also kept informed on the latest news by providing sponsored subscriptions to leading Agricultural Dailies at their doorstep!!

Retailers & Wholesalers


With our wide experience and the support of our warehousing and logistics arm, we procure in bulk from our farmers and are able to ensure processing, packing and delivery as per customised requirements.  We have significantly refined and deepened our product line with an emphasis on volume development in those categories to which the Company can add value and become a reliable supplier for key customers.



We offer them informed choices and the best out of the wide range of nature’s bounty that India has on offer at the most reasonable rates.



Farm Fresh in Express time!!  The primary product development efforts are focused on Customer needs.


Fresh Express has established a well-defined business model to grow and diversify it’s  product offerings in partnership between the Company, it’s customers and suppliers