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Our Story

The story began in 1993. Ranjit ( MBA , International Business ) and Nina ( Masters in Social Work ) wondered how they could add value to their family farms. They noticed how the conventional practice of growing grapes needed a lot of expensive chemicals and huge debts, the farmers were incurring due to this. This made them visit and research how other countries succeed in the world market and confidence, that growing “poison free” grapes is possible without burning a hole in the pocket of small farmers.

They took up the challenge of converting a drought prone area in Western Maharashtra into green, lush vineyards, along with the local women, as most men had migrated to urban areas in search of jobs. Today, a Natural Farming revolution has taken place as the entire dry landscape has been converted into mini vineyards. Most of the women who started on Fresh Express Farms ( and continue to do so ), have gone ahead and started their own farms with technical assistance and through Natural Farming, which is widely propagated by the couple.

Mr. Ranjeet A. Patil


“Over the years we have grown by providing consistent value in our offerings . Today, we have innovated our services to match and to exceed the expectations of our customers. Our customers value us as their preferred partner. We in turn have reciprocated to such gestures by being transparent, fair and honest in all our dealings. We compete with our selves in improving levels of service and the value our customer expects us to deliver. Our close working relationships give us the opportunity to sense future trends, opportunities and threats and we have been quick to react. We have taken risks and built up infrastructure in what we believe would be our customers requirement tomorrow. I enjoy living the farm life, carrying out trials on our family farms, working with indigenous and imported varieties and most importantly using technology to cultivate a thriving and sustainable agricultural future ”

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Ms. Nina Patil

Why Fresh Express ?

“ We, as Grower Exporters,work with our team of 500+ farmers throughout the crop cycle,to help achieve greater benefits through responsible farming. Superior taste and Shelf life has been achieved using Natural Regenerative Farming . Over 80% of the inputs (fertilizers and pesticides) are of organic origin. Natural Farming has helped make farming more sustainable and economically viable for all our farmers. Fresh Express promises and delivers quality as we take care of the entire chain from field to table. 95% of Fresh Express’ workforce are women and we are constantly challenging the status-quo by strongly promoting women-led farms and agri-ventures, through special incentives and development training. We are proud of our special branding campaign, “Grape with a Heart” that is exclusively supplied by woman-farmers and highlights their stories. I personally like to define my role as ensuring EVERY person associated with us in the entire value chain is “happy” because I strongly believe Happy People grow / make Happy Grapes !

“Savor the juicy goodness of Grapes. Grapes – A taste of nature’s bounty. A burst of sweetness in every bite! When refreshment and sweetness unite! Grapes in all their glory.”
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