Tech Revolution

“Grapes in all its Glory”

The Tech Revolution

Why has the Agri industry been a laggard in adopting the latest of technologies available, while most of the other industries- automotive, electronics, manufacturing, energy, space, communications- are leveraging cutting edge tech at a rapid rate, to drive innovation, better products and efficiency.

Fresh Express is on a mission to bring about a tech revolution in the

Fresh Express strongly believes that technology is a solution to several critical challenges faced by farmers today. To research, develop and deploy affordable tech-solutions for even the smallest farmers, Fresh Express maintains a significant in-house Tech Team that is working year-round.

Fresh Express’ own 100-acre farms act as the model farm where a majority of the trials are conducted, before being deployed across the country.

Fresh Express’ Tech Team collaborates with leading Tech companies and universities from around the globe, to ensure the best of tech can be developed for Indian farmers.

The ‘Smart-Farm’ Vision

Plant Health Monitoring

Early detection of stress or pest attacks is critical in our efforts to minimise use of chemical pesticides . Early detection allows for immediate corrective actions on precise affected areas of the farm , before the problem becomes widespread. Until now, plant health monitoring was only done manually and was limited to small areas possible for individuals to assess. With technology, precision plant health monitoring allows monitoring down to every square meter of the farm.

1. Satellite Monitoring

(Red regions = Poor plant health, Green regions = Good health)

December: pleasant temperatures (18°C to 25°), Abundant water availability, plants Typically show good health

2. Drone Monitoring

Plant health monitoring, down to each and every plant, achieved only using drone’s high-resolution imaging.

Farm plots mapped for automated drone flights

Farm plots mapped for automated drone flights

Near Infrared imaging gives plant-health indication (Green-healthy, red-unhealthy)

Near Infrared imaging gives plant-health indication (Green-healthy, red-unhealthy)

Precision Harvesting

We can now track the yield from each and every plant !! Harvesters tag GPS coordinates of every crate of grapes harvested, using a special device. This builds a yield-density map of entire farm- showing rows/areas where yield is low and where it’s high.

Weather & Irrigation Tech

Fresh Express’s Tech Team has developed a weather station that is 1/3rd the cost of units available on the market!
This has allowed this technology to become accessible to every small farmer, who can now monitor the exact weather condition of his own piece of land and accordingly make decisions, from his mobile.

In agronomy, upto 70% importance is given to irrigation, and only 30% to pesticides spraying and intercultural activities. This is often mistaken by farmers to be the other way around!

Fresh Express has developed cost-effective irrigation monitoring units that determine soil moisture at multiple soil depths and advises the farmer on when exactly irrigation is required. This has drastically reduced instances of over-irrigation and reduced water-usage by 35-45%!

The Farmer-Connect App

Fresh Express has developed a ‘Farmer-Connect’ mobile app, which is an all-in-one platform for the farmers.

The app is connected in real-time to the entire value chain, from on-farm tech & weather, to European market data. All information is being used by the app’s Artificial Intelligence to provide the farmer with timely data-driven advisory.

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