The Social Change

Fresh Express believes in giving equal opportunities to men and women to rise to leadership positions, as per their capabilities, experience and willingness to take on responsibilities. 95% of the work force in our pack house are women, the ratio of men to women managers in our pack houses would be 3:1, in favor of women. This is not only because they are women, but because they have worked for it and earned it on their own merit. Training and upskill opportunities are offered equally and we have seen women take these opportunities and rise to the occasion.

As Fresh Express we have special incentives and training programs for our women farmers. These women have claimed land and decision making rights and run their farms independently. When Fresh Express started 31 years back, we did not have a single women farmer, today we are proud to have 13% women farmers and we see this number improving every year.

‘Grape with a heart’ brand aimed at promoting FE’s partner woman-farmers and showcasing how they’re achieving their dream of growing naturally-farmed, premium grapes for the world!

Features in-store displays, logo on each punnet with QR code that shows the woman-farmer’s life story in a video

Why we’re passionate about Women Empowerment?

We are proud to support over 95% women work-force in our organization! And naturally, most of our
social programs are designed keeping their needs in mind.

A drought prone area in Maharashtra, India has been transformed into lush vineyards solely with the efforts of our local women partners, natural farming and water conservation.
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