Natural farming

“Grapes – A taste of nature’s bounty”

The Science

Natural Farming Project

Making Ag cost effective

Increasingly capital-intensive farming is leading to crushing debts for farmers.

Natural Farming solves this using practices researched+validated by our agronomists and today, widely promoted and run through our local women cooperatives, with an objective of making agriculture sustainable by:

RESULTS: Cost of agriculture is reduced by upto 30-40%, chemical usage down by 33% and it allows our partner women cooperatives to generate supplementary income.

Bio Pest Management

Fresh Express Natural Farming Project

Natural Farming, with an objective to make agriculture sustainable through:

RESULTS: Our overall chemical usage is down by over 35-40%!

soil conservation

What and Why Natural Farming?

Natural Farming makes agriculture sustainable and a viable profession. Natural methods are used to retain and improve soil health, control pests, and increase yields. Where applicable, we are able to produce our own seed, and natural fertilizers are created.

Drumsticks as Intercrop in Grapes help to fix Nitrogen in the soil

Dry Mulching

Neem Leaves Paste used as Biological Insecticide

The movement

Aims of Fresh Express Natural Farming Project

31+ Years Experience in Fresh Produce Exports

60+ Villages

225+ Farmers (of which 13% Women Farmers)

675+ Acres

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